“Mental Health Matters”

Did you know that there is a Mental Health awareness Month? Well, I didn’t know until today. It’s not that anything has changed all of a sudden by acknowledging the actuality, I was just astonished by the fact that an entire month is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month. Any Guesses on the month? Yes, May it is.

May month is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month, which began in United States and was started by Mental Health America Organization. Whereas, World Mental Health Day, which is celebrated on 10th of October every year, is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. (Source: Wikipedia)

Why Mental Health Matters and how feasible it is to relate to it? Transparently speaking depression and anxiety is something that everyone deals with at some point in life. No one can ever be prepared for the circumstances or situations in life. It is easy for negative thoughts to come crashing down ten times harder than it did the last time, we sometimes struggle to understand what we are feeling and often fail to express what it actually is that we are going through. Many of us, when we encounter health challenges in life, we get a diagnostic and are given a range of solutions to work through but for many people its not that simple. Sometimes a struggle with depression becomes too much.

You will find plenty of tips and techniques to deal with anxiety, stress, depression etc. out there, however it is of utmost importance to find and understand your own magic and go with it. Sharing the top 5 things that I do for my mental health: 1)Try to maintain the daily routine. 2)Choose empowering thoughts 3)Talk with friends 4)Have “Me” time 5)Just Breath. Eventually, Its an everyday thought process that we all have to make positive room for in our lives.

I believe Mental Health to be important as it shows what it means to heal and to help others heal in order to create a better space for all of us (not just you, not just me, but all of us) because there are so many individuals out there in the world that struggle with and suffer from this not just once a while but at regular intervals. So, sometimes when we see someone is in need, we could ask ourselves a question, is there anything we could do? and can commit to do whatever we can so that other people can get their lives back.

One should remember there are so many opportunities and a life ahead to live, celebrate and be grateful for. Also, the longest relationship you will ever have in your life will be with you, so you gotta protect that. You are enough.

The Year 2020

In the world of passion and dreams, uncertainties seems to be a part of life. We often look out, trying to see a future and yet we see nothing is guaranteed about what will happen next. The year 2020 has seen its fair share of major historic events in a little span, over these past months. Life, as we all know it has come to a grinding halt.

Life indeed is a mystery. We can try and explain all that’s happening in our lives with a rational mind. However, during the moments of solitude, we seek the desire to understand life, its trials and tribulations, eventually realizing that not everything is rationally explainable.

This whole being human thing can be utterly confusing and challenging at times. Anything can happen in a split of second and death can be seen just in front of our eyes, what a scary and sad reality.

We along with 2020 surely have witness a flurry of significant events around the world. Following glimpse might help to recall.

Coronavirus – Jan 7,2020
The Virus has easily spread all over affecting the lives of many people.
Taal Volcano – Jan 12,2020
Erupted after 43 years. Many provinces were affected by the ash falls.
Kobe & Gigi – Jan 26, 2020
NBA legend and his daughter,died in a helicopter crash.
Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan
Demise of two great actors on consecutive days 29 & 30th April,2020
07 May, 2020
Vizag gas leak, Raigad paper mill gas leak and Neyveli power plant blast in a day.

I am sure, I might have missed to mention some more events or bonkers stories that are happening each and every day. We have not yet completed the half of 2020 and yet some events seems like a long lost memory, days have started to blend together as people tackle to adjust to a new way of life under quarantine.

Nothing is certain in this life and when nothing is certain anything is possible, you never ever could imagine what tomorrow is able to bring your way. Life is short, life is soo damn short and you truly never know when your time is up. Think. Think now!! what if it is your last? what would you do? who would you call? what would you say to the people you love? Go and do it. Hug your loved ones, take that risk, have no regrets.

We never know whats coming next. So, if it’s the bad time, remember this isn’t forever. Keep going, its going to get turn into good time and seek the lesson from it. Meanwhile, if its good, just enjoy it, be grateful and get memories created.

Work From Home – The New Normal?

Is work from home, the new normal? Lately, I have come across this question quite often. Have you?

The new normal is probably one among the most used phrases right now, won’t you agree? A majority of us are spending time at home, as in these days, it has become a place for us to get work done mostly in way that reflects our own style.

Today, Technology have made it convenient for all of us to communicate with each other.The speed access to information that we need, allow us to work from almost anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, it won’t be incorrect to say that nothing can compare the enchantment that can only come from in-person interactions, that makes it fun and energizing to work with people or get together on problems and brainstorm to achieve the desired result.

Should work from home, be the new normal? as almost everyone is proving it can be done. Well, I say it depends. For some yes, for others not at all and some moderately.

Note to Remember: You are not stuck at home, you are safe at home!

Quarantine Days

Hey there! Be there!

Now by that I mean #stayhomestaysafe

Does anyone know what day it is? Huh! Not that it actually matters much.

Isn’t it just crazy, how a while ago long walks in the city, road trips across the country, dining downtown or a smile from a stranger and so many simple things one would have never thought to be so grateful for, until they started to become rare today. Some days are passing by slow, while others pass by in a blink of an eye and sometimes I feel there’s a realization that has to happen all over again every day that this is our new normal and that in itself is a lot to process.

Since lockdown started, I have noticed the birds are happier as I can hear them by opening a window while I stay at home, working on being ok with letting time do its thing and trying hard to make the most of this season by pampering myself with good food, skin care, sleeping without any alarms with utmost comfort, security and love from my family. And, if you woke up healthy in your home, surrounded by your family, you are already more blessed than you can imagine.

Every day is a challenge of its own, sometimes highly motivated and optimistic and sometimes just utterly depressed, it’s like an emotional roller coaster. At times, easy to lose sight and feel despair. Hang in there, instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

Hope that the world will be out of this crisis (Coronavirus/Covid-19) soon. Hope that we will value people as much when we meet them face to face. Hope we will remember to cherish the little joys. Hope we will share our Privileges. Hope we will heal with mama earth!

This too shall pass. Stay safe, be positive. Cheers to self-love.


A big hello to everyone here!

I have been thinking to write blogs since long and finally here it starts. Now that I have got a platform to share my thoughts, I am left with no excuses. Haha!! Well, I have not thought of any interesting topic yet but will soon come up with something.

Trying to learn and explore is a magic in itself, atleast this is what I feel. There are soo many things out there to explore and be amazed at. Sometimes I am in just awe of my silly thoughts.

Hope I will come up with something interesting soon:)