A Beautiful Evening

Yes!! Life includes hard decisions, cold words, disappointments, sadness, goodbyes, despair but luckily also good people and the beautiful evenings that help escape all of these.

An evening that I really enjoyed, it was real and flowing with good vibes and energy that made time better and better, nothing less than excellent. The highlight was my favourite series of songs that were played.

Here sharing some wonderful excerpts…

A beautiful evening attending the live acoustic set, from some amazing live performances to heaps of eating options…it was great!

Also, when there is a surprise in between it’s a cherry on top and so the kind of feel that you get when…

It’s a mechanized – Woooooooooohoooooo!!!! 🤩

Ahmm Ahmm!

Here comes – Nimbu Pani!

Certainly because if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun 😜

⬇ This is my absolute favorite, pure gold vibes and a complete treat 🥰

🎄 It’s that time of the year for giving and having fun and so here I pose with wings on my sleeves, ready to fly and being the witchy fairy 😉

When things get hard, take a moment from your busy schedule and try finding your little own happiness in all the blessings that the moment has showered upon.

Sometimes, all one needs is just a great evening! ♥️