The Morning Effect

Everybody has their own pattern for the day; many people find their peace at night hours while some are utterly morning people. During these quarantine days, I was not really having a set pattern for my day until lately when I realized I would want to be or say more specifically I am a morning person.

Mornings are indeed beautiful – Sunrise, the birds’ chirping, bright looking milky clouds travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment, fresh windy cool and crispy air, everything around so self-calming and a gentle reminder to self that every new day brings a fresh beginning and good vibes with new possibilities and choices.

Yes!! To start your morning on the right note is extremely important, now more than ever. Having a morning routine allows us to begin on a positive note and it also sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The way you start your each day is a good indication of how the rest of your day will unfold. I have read some of the most successful people in the world have outstanding discipline and they put this down to their morning rituals. Now having said that, adopting the morning routine of a multi-millionaire CEO is not necessarily going to help in making anyone successful.

I believe every single person is unique. Different activities stimulate productivity, passion and wellness in each of us. Identifying the rituals that provide these emotions can enable one to build the perfect personal morning routine.

Don’t have time? Start with waking up just 10 minutes earlier and just one thing to do. I didn’t have a morning routine and didn’t always look to have one either. But, if you are thinking to start from somewhere, Write down your first thought when you wake up, do this again and as soon as you realize your first thought, create your next thought the way you want it. Think of a thought that puts you into a pleasurable state and stay there for at least 10 seconds. In minutes each morning, you will start to realize the small changes that affected your life.

When I am ready for the day everything starts to have a clear perspective and when I am done with my morning routine I feel ready for the day physically, emotionally and spiritually. Do you want to have a good day? A good morning will make for a good day. Starting each day with a fresh mind and happy thoughts help us focus better and increase our productivity.

Don’t forget to grab a pen and your journal for your morning effects questions that facilitates the growth process as you establish goals, achieve emotional stability and connect to your inner self.

Get up and get moving!