The Wassup Flea

My entry to “The Wassup Flea” was like…

The Wassup Flea makes you groove with live concerts, get you on shopping spree, indulge you in lip smacking food and the rest you gotta experience yourself someday. In all, it’s all about Eat, Drink, Dance and have a super amazing time.

Here, sharing a few moments – a blast of colours, The Wassup Flea is the place to be at!

Putting up with the food cravings, if you can’t choose one, you can choose them all.. they have got the comfort food, desserts all at one place. Hot sizzling Momos and the stage! Throwback to the crazy times.

Let the light shine through 🎶😇

It was crazy with a bigger, better space armed with literally 100+ quirky and funky pop up shops, fusion food from some talented home chefs and unique craft beers and drinks with a truckload of new things, positive vibes and an ultimate chiller.

Shopping is always a good idea, a quick glimpse of shops with uniquely designed apparels, accessories and other cool products. Creative, funky, quirky, artistic, bizarre and things we rarely find at a store is all about Wassup Flea.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. You agree, right?

Some of the captured expressions that literally say out loud; when I am full of heart watching something, when I am actually thinking what to choose and order from the food counter and lastly, when someone says “smile” when they’re ready to click a picture. Because ultimately, life is better when you are all smiling and happy.

Colourful Parasols at The Wassup Flea. Lots of interesting things to buy, reminds me a little of the good old days.

A wild soul with a tender heart. Here, I am trying to strike a pose. It was a funn gig and super cool vibes.

Love.Shop.Eat.Dance and Repeat!! Boho Vibes check with the bundle of energy.

When you’re happy and you know it..Dance? Buckle your shoes and just get ready.

That moment when you know everyone is connected. It’s time to put up the dancing shoes onn and loosen yourself to be in the moment.

A perfect event to shop, chill and enjoy good music along with some scrumptious food. It was a place full of eventful and magical time to spend. I feel, something that has never been so fine.