Take A Break!

Yes, it’s true that every day starts out as a blank canvas, but what happens when you don’t have a plan, a job, any clarity about tomorrow, any assurance or affirmations and guarantees or if you don’t love what you are doing. What can be done? Probably, take a break!

Well sometimes, staying home, wandering and wondering, what to do? Works!

Break is important. Age doesn’t really matter here. You will have to research a bit. There are a lot of alternatives to every thought in your mind. Whatever you want to do research is important and then practice with all the patience. Don’t hurry, wait a bit and give yourself a break, then go.

While always being in the rush of the day – Up bright and early ready to go put some miles underneath the feet, we don’t realize that taking a break is essential, to breathe a little more, to stop the rush, to calm down and rest, to take a step back, to think and make a little point.

Many a times in the endless demands of normal life, when we are unable to get insights or have a conclusion about the directions in our life, its okay to sleep a little more, watch TV, rest more, cry it out a few times, just take a break – take time to regenerate. Sometimes that’s exactly what is needed.

Don’t forget to just look at you – surviving, growing, being better than you ever thought you would be and If you are someone, who seems to need a permission slip to give yourself a break, maybe this is it. Take the opportunity to take a deep breath and listen to what you need. Do your best to step away from the critical voice telling you that you aren’t enough. Take a guilt free break. 

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. You don’t have to always have it together or get anything done. You are allowed to take breaks and make mistakes. We are all simply humans. Give yourself the grace and space to be human. Everybody deserves peace, after all it helps in discovering who you really are.

Trust the intuition, belong everywhere and nowhere and be just fine in the world. Do more of what makes you happy! It’s a different glow, when you are happy, stress free and focused.

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