Note To My Mother On Her Birthday

When I count my blessings, I count you twice. A million magic wishes on your special day for being soo nice😀


Your just one look 👀 saying “स्मिता” is enough to make me act on the spur of the moment😋

Thank you for being soo patient and understanding while constantly consoling me for my endless questions🙇🏻‍♀️“why me?”, “when will I achieve this?”, “how am I gonna do it?” and more of the same!! with “सबर रख सब होगा”, “तू सब करेगी”, “कर रही है”, “सब बहोत अच्छा होगा!”😇

You being soo soo strong, I believe I have got a सेकंड चांस in this लाइफ़ to live again, like literally! (And, I ain’t gonna miss it now)🤗

🥰 I adore our स्पिरिचुअल टॉक्स, your prayers for me, your affectionate pats on my head and of course our badminton sessions🏸

Your support in my decisions and belief in my thoughts gives this स्मॉल टाउन गर्ल immense strength😘 I प्रॉमिस to be a better human being with each passing day!🎀

P.S.: Love you for being my फैशन पुलिस at times (yes, Maa knows better)♥️