Night With The Stars

I have always wondered about how big the universe actually is and what happens up there, will I ever be able to find answers?! Sometimes I spend my time trying to know more and understand the facts and having a stargazing experience has helped me take a step further. Well, I still consider myself a newbie but I genuinely love seeing my progress.

Here, at a stargazing session, I got to know some amazing facts and was truly mesmerised by them, a big thank you to the Amateur Astronomers Group.

Words can’t do justice to how amazing the night sky looked. It’s the most beautiful thing to watch.

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are! Up above the world soo high, like a diamond in the sky! I was literally fortunate enough to experience this rhyme.

I’ve heard that the moon has the capability to absolutely captivate anyone. Many a times while taking my evening walks, I find myself spellbound by its beauty and I have to stop in my tracks to admire it. Being a part of this event has helped me to acknowledge the scenic view more closely and I couldn’t be more thankful.

When we look at the night sky, we can see millions of bright spots. Stars are celestial bodies emitting their own lights and there are millions of stars emitting their own beautiful lights – what an experience! Literally surreal.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking; I did make a wish.

When it’s a night out and you’re with some like-minded people, bonfire is something that is mandatory. So, light a campfire and be a storyteller! Because when it’s dark, one should definitely look for the stars.

Some places, some people, some moments and some experiences are life changing! They remain forever close to the hearts.. The vibe became more amazing with some soothing voices around.

I wouldn’t mind spending the nights stargazing and add those moments to my memory for life. The night sky is a therapy, one can use this time to lie back and relax. I feel it will be worth it since dark skies and stargazing sessions are an excellent form of escapism.

When I captured a view from my tent, it made me think that our subconscious is kind of our creative ideas factory, home to our innovative and playful spirit. Looking up at the sky – totally being in the moment – brings a sense of enlightenment and peace. This is exactly when our imagination can roam free and go beyond the limitations our brain often imposes on our thoughts.

We all have had some of our best ideas in the shower, just before we drift off to sleep at night, or even behind the wheel when we are stuck in a traffic jam. I have read somewhere that it is down to our conscious mind quietening down and leaving room for our subconscious mind to step into play.

And while thinking about all the possible means of understanding Pleiades, Nebula, types of stars and everything that I have learnt during the session conveyed through some facts and others by storytelling, I didn’t realize when it was dawn.

The cool breeze, fresh air and the warmth of the rising sun made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I couldn’t get a hold of myself but captured a scenic view that literally made me realize how beautiful the nature is..

The Amateur Astronomers Group made a wonderful arrangement that enhanced the experience of the event. The food was a treat and I was so indulged that unfortunately, I forgot to click a picture. However, here are some clicks of the camp that are worth revisiting, precisely not just the pictures, but also the event.

A panoramic view of the campsite.. and yours truly..

A special shout-out to the weapons of choice! It’s seriously mind bending how far we can look with them.

So now it’s a wrap

Everyone together – say “Veeeeennnnuuuusssss”!!

And a beautiful memory got captured.

When one journey ends, they say, another begins. I wish I continue to experience more of such happenings, as I look forward to life.

P.S. – It’s okay to be lost looking at the stars, but don’t forget the lights within you.