The Year 2020

In the world of passion and dreams, uncertainties seems to be a part of life. We often look out, trying to see a future and yet we see nothing is guaranteed about what will happen next. The year 2020 has seen its fair share of major historic events in a little span, over these past months. Life, as we all know it has come to a grinding halt.

Life indeed is a mystery. We can try and explain all that’s happening in our lives with a rational mind. However, during the moments of solitude, we seek the desire to understand life, its trials and tribulations, eventually realizing that not everything is rationally explainable.

This whole being human thing can be utterly confusing and challenging at times. Anything can happen in a split of second and death can be seen just in front of our eyes, what a scary and sad reality.

We along with 2020 surely have witness a flurry of significant events around the world. Following glimpse might help to recall.

Coronavirus – Jan 7,2020
The Virus has easily spread all over affecting the lives of many people.
Taal Volcano – Jan 12,2020
Erupted after 43 years. Many provinces were affected by the ash falls.
Kobe & Gigi – Jan 26, 2020
NBA legend and his daughter,died in a helicopter crash.
Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan
Demise of two great actors on consecutive days 29 & 30th April,2020
07 May, 2020
Vizag gas leak, Raigad paper mill gas leak and Neyveli power plant blast in a day.

I am sure, I might have missed to mention some more events or bonkers stories that are happening each and every day. We have not yet completed the half of 2020 and yet some events seems like a long lost memory, days have started to blend together as people tackle to adjust to a new way of life under quarantine.

Nothing is certain in this life and when nothing is certain anything is possible, you never ever could imagine what tomorrow is able to bring your way. Life is short, life is soo damn short and you truly never know when your time is up. Think. Think now!! what if it is your last? what would you do? who would you call? what would you say to the people you love? Go and do it. Hug your loved ones, take that risk, have no regrets.

We never know whats coming next. So, if it’s the bad time, remember this isn’t forever. Keep going, its going to get turn into good time and seek the lesson from it. Meanwhile, if its good, just enjoy it, be grateful and get memories created.