Quarantine Days

Hey there! Be there!

Now by that I mean #stayhomestaysafe

Does anyone know what day it is? Huh! Not that it actually matters much.

Isn’t it just crazy, how a while ago long walks in the city, road trips across the country, dining downtown or a smile from a stranger and so many simple things one would have never thought to be so grateful for, until they started to become rare today. Some days are passing by slow, while others pass by in a blink of an eye and sometimes I feel there’s a realization that has to happen all over again every day that this is our new normal and that in itself is a lot to process.

Since lockdown started, I have noticed the birds are happier as I can hear them by opening a window while I stay at home, working on being ok with letting time do its thing and trying hard to make the most of this season by pampering myself with good food, skin care, sleeping without any alarms with utmost comfort, security and love from my family. And, if you woke up healthy in your home, surrounded by your family, you are already more blessed than you can imagine.

Every day is a challenge of its own, sometimes highly motivated and optimistic and sometimes just utterly depressed, it’s like an emotional roller coaster. At times, easy to lose sight and feel despair. Hang in there, instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

Hope that the world will be out of this crisis (Coronavirus/Covid-19) soon. Hope that we will value people as much when we meet them face to face. Hope we will remember to cherish the little joys. Hope we will share our Privileges. Hope we will heal with mama earth!

This too shall pass. Stay safe, be positive. Cheers to self-love.

3 thoughts on “Quarantine Days

  1. Sonal

    Liked the way you have expressed the importance of lil things which i think usually people never used to appreciate!!

  2. Krishna Vyas

    Simple words used by you makes us move our self’s into the new normal reality and only few have this power and you are one among them .
    Simply Superb.
    Well expressed Smita !!!!

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